Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Prestigious Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony!

The Prestigious Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony was really prestigious and fascinating. The drum rolls, the synchronous dance performance of the Chinese performers, the awesome fireworks that dances with the Chinese performers while doing what they should to. The complete full video also known as the reply video of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony was rare to find, but there are only a few sources in the world wide web that I found containing this video. A lot of videos were uploading in YouTube but it's deleted after an certain group claims a copyright over a specific video.

I think the Olympics committee will sell the video for a high price, because there's still 90% of the world's population that missed the live performance of this most prestigious ceremony this year.

Here are some sources that I found that still has the complete full video of the opening performance. You should hurry because there are chances that it will also be deleted soon.

1. 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Video
2. Beijing Olympics 2008 Full Video Opening Ceremony Replay
3. The Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Replay Online
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