Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Watch UFC 92 Griffin Vs. Evans Live Online Free!

Watch UFC 92 Live Online Free! This is what my friends are uttering. They want to watch the last Ultimate Fighting Championship match this year 2008. This is the battle between to superb UFC warriors: defending champion Forrest Griffin and unbeaten Rashad Evans!

This will be a very exciting UFC match. I bet my friends are dying to watch this live. But there's no other choice but to watch it in free online video streaming sites, because tickets to MGM Grand Arena is a bit expensive. Why not watch UFC 92 live online and for free?

So who's your bet? Griffin the champion or Evans the undefeated? Will this be another glorious victory for Griffin or another undefeated moment for Evans? Let's find out after the match this 27th of December 2008!

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